Monday, August 31, 2009

Winter Coats

Here in Topeka it has begun to feel like fall. I've been looking through my winter coats and jackets, and, in fact, retrieved a jacket from the garage to wear Saturday night.

Yes, since the recent move, all my winter clothes and a even some for other seasons hangs on a pole in the garage. The move out of the old house and the cleanup was finished at 9 p.m. Sunday a week ago. What an ordeal. I wouldn't wish that much work on anyone. I hope to stay put for a while--at least long enough to organize what I moved and to find out what's in the boxes! The garbage--stuff that used to be my treasures--wasn't picked up until Thursday and that was a tractor-trailer load nearly.

Hopefully, I have learned a valuable lesson, if not several. I am reminded of several Bible verses dealing with riches. . . .

Gary and I went to Kansas City yesterday for the 100th birthday celebration of a dear man and good friend, Loren Lundy. I am so privileged to know him and it was wonderful to see him. Living to be 100 is fate; living to be 100 and beloved by so many good people is evidence of a life well-lived. Jim and Cindi Speicher were there as well and great to visit. Jim has a new book coming out and I'll interview him soon on the military show.

It's good to be back. I've missed y'all.

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Leslie Shelor said...

Whew...glad the move is over and hope you're settling in. I hope I never have to move again!