Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moonshine and Fiddles

Once again, the making of moonshine in the mountains has alerted the attention of the authorities.

When I get the chance, I peruse the papers back home -- The Mount Airy News, The Enterprise, The Galax Gazette, the Carroll News, the Roanoke Times, the Winston-Salem Journal & Sentinel. As dependable as my relatives are, they are not always diligent in keeping me up-to-date. So this is what I learned tonight:

One Larry Shaw of Baywood (near Galax) was arrested, liquid was confiscated and sent to state labs for testing, and a still was rendered dysfunctional. Pretty much breaks my heart. Hmmm. . . . looks like there might be some brandy there.

Also saw that Spencer Strickland placed in the bluegrass fiddle competition at the Fries (pronounced freeze) Fiddlers' Convention. My Grandma Coalson grew up in Fries (Irontown, really), so I have a real affection for that place. I had the opportunity to listen to Spencer on mandolin with Kenny and Amanda Smith just last week at Winfield. What an amazing musician that boy from Lambsburg is!

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