Monday, April 30, 2007


While in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week, I took my girls to the Charlotte Museum of History. Located on the property is the oldest home in Mecklenburg County, the Hezekiah Alexander home (above). Our tour guide, Gary McCullough, was just excellent--knowledgeable and engaging. He has written a booklet on the historic house which is available in the giftshop.

One of the interesting comments Gary made was the origin of the term "Hornets" in refering to local residents. During the American Revolution, Lord Cornwallis was occupying a home in Charlotte. When he finally left, he commented that Mecklenburg County was a "hornet's nest of rebellion." Gary noted with chagrin that the NBA team by that name moved to New Orleans and took the Hornets name with them. Gary was really ticked off about this. The Hornets mascot for local teams has been a mainstay since Redcoats were challenging Yanks to tiddly winks.
This is an outstanding museum. Visit their website for more info:

Email--Chisholm Trail Days

Hey Deb,
This past weekend I had the wonderful fortune to travel to Duncan, OK, home to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center and the annual Chisholm Trail Stampede. The people in Duncan were so warm and friendly and a joy to work with! After leaving Duncan I felt like I made new friends that will always be special to me. This is by far one of the largest online galleries that I have is a whopping FOUR PAGES of photos! There is a little bit of everything here-- food, chuck wagons, longhorns, American Indian dancers, Cowboy Cal the most kind and wonderful trick roper, Pawnee Bill, traders, horses, cowboys and everything in between! Enjoy the photos and if you are ever in Oklahoma and have the chance you MUST go to Duncan and see the exceptional film in their theatre. It is truly the closest you will ever get to experiencing the old Chisholm Trail short of riding in the saddle yourself!

Just click on the link below and once you are at the gallery click on the thumbnail and see the photos in a larger format and scroll through the pages of the past!


DG--Great photos! Check them out, folks.
Blog, Blog, Lincoln

For a while, Tom said I should just call my blog the "Lincoln Forum." But I'm not the only one interested in the 16th president. Soon-to-be-PHD Sam Wheeler has an excellent Great commentary and interesting images. Visit and tell him Deb says "Hey." (image

Blue and Gray Border War Days. . . .

. . . this weekend in Lonejack, Missouri. Visit their website for details.

Fans of John Wayne may remember that Rooster Cogburn (left) lost his eye at the Battle of Lonejack. And speaking of the Duke, his centennial birthday in May. We'll keep you posted on the party.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Deb!
Thanks for the mention of my Chisholm Trail Photo gallery! That's great! I hope this makes everyone hungry for some chuck wagon cookin and fall in love with the Chisholm Trail like I did!