Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lazy Bones

More like tired bones. Gary & I have been so busy lately, there has simply been no time to catch up on photos and share the great events that have filled our lives. We'll take care of some of that this morning.

Carol Visits the Winery

The biggest event was the arrival of our dear friends, Andy & Carol Waskie from Philadelphia. Carol was among the featured speakers at Paracon 2011, held at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri. Andy, left, handled the powerpoint, while Carol, below, discussed haunts and history in Philly. Even though her profession is nursing, her avocation is history and she has been instrumental in Civil War Roundtables in Pennsylvania, organizing events and establishing businesses with history at the core.

Paracon 2011 was a very successful event held at one of the most haunted, and picturesque, sites in Missouri. Paranormal investigations and other events are a common occurence at the winery so look up paranormaladventuresusa.com for more information. Thanks to Beth Cooper Meyer and Nick Spantgos and their crews for working so hard to bring folks to our area and provide quality information and an interesting time.

General Meade Visits Topeka

Andy was here to portray Gen. George Meade, victor at Gettysburg, for an evening of tribute to Gen. E. V. Sumner. The event was held at the Celtic Fox in downtown Topeka. Watch this blog for more on Gen. Sumner, who was a colonel when he commanded Fort Leavenworth during Bleeding Kansas.
One of the evening's sponsors, Clay Mead (no e), and Carol Waskie. At left, General Meade (with an e), addressing the crowd.

Andy's book, Philadelphia in the Civil War is about to be released and we can hardly wait to read it. We'll have him back out for a booksigning.
Beth Cooper Meyer, tour guide, hostess, author and all around fun gal who made the ParaCon 2011 happen. She makes things happen all the time and we're so glad she's here in Topeka!
It's great when you can "volunteer" to get your friends involved -- me with Betty Lou Pardue, our celebrity auctioneer for the evening, and Janet Sage Bruce.
Event sponsors Duane and Beth Fager who do so much to support our community along with our special guests Andy and Carol Waskie. Below, Barney Heeney, me, Marge Heeney and Doug Wallace.Our dear, dear friend Lt. Col. (ret) Ed Kennedy spoke about the Command and General Staff College Hall of Fame at Fort Leavenworth. Ed was preparing for special events at the Liberty Memorial in honor of Mr. Buckles, the last remaining WWI soldier, and we're so grateful he took the time to visit us.

We were also thrilled that Michelle Martin was able to join us. Now that Michelle is a resident of Oklahoma, we don't get to see her as often as we'd like. She is a part of our Gen. E. V. Sumner National Monument Project and an advocate for history wherever she goes. Her guest for the evening was Mary Kristen Kurtis. Mary is the daughter of Bill Kurtis and is involved in much of her dad's business and an advocate for history herself.

So many more things happening. Let me hear from you and we'll all try to keep up with one another online and visit in person when possible.

All photos taken by my handsome husband, Gary Bisel. He also did the sound for our event at the Celtic Fox.

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