Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Barnes & Noble Day

Perusing some of my favorite magazines at Barnes & Noble. I have sifted through them, Dear Reader, and have some recommendations for you:

Wild West -- The February issue contains a delightful interview with Buck Taylor by Johnny D. Boogs. Johnny, who can always be counted on to deliver, focuses on Buck's artwork though he touches on Buck's upbringing as the son of the legendary Dub Taylor. Buck's eperiences on Gunsmoke figures in the interview and Buck's art. This article will make you smile. Another great article by Johnny details the history of New Mexico and Arizona.

Civil War Monitor -- Issue 2 of this magazine delivers more quality research and writing. The photo of Bruce Catton with his hometown's GAR marker makes the cover price of six bucks a bargain! The story on old soldiers was compelling. Terry Johnston has really undertaken a labor of love with this publication, and we wish him the very best. His readers are already getting it.

Another great treat was a peak at James Robertson's new work for National Geographic. This is a great gift for the person with an awakening interest in the Civil War, or the perfect gift for the historian who can't get enough. Bud's vast knowledge and very readable style make this accessible and satisfying for anyone at any level of knowledge or interest.

Okay, folks, I am so frustrated with this blogger program and trying to format that I am giving up. So here it is, imperfect but well-intentioned. Enjoy!

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Leslie Shelor said...

Some good suggestions!