Monday, April 9, 2012

Flint Hills Monday

The Flint Hills could not have been more beautiful today as my friend and I drove to Minneapolis, Kansas -- lush, living green fields beneath clouds that looked as if they had been painted by Robert Sudlow.Smoke from controlled burns rose in every direction, though one  In the distance, the smoke from one fire looked like a heavy rain it was so wide and dark, or like a massive, flat tornado. It was an incredible view and made you glad to be alive, and alive in Kansas.

We went to the Ottawa County Historical Museum and met Jettie Condray. Mr. Condray showed us a replica of the dinosaur discovered by his dad, Warren, in a Kansas field in 1955. The dinosaur turned out to be unique and when classified, was named for Mr. Condray, the Silvisaurus condrayi.

This museum was packed full of such interesting artifacts from an old jail cell from Bennington to a Bible tossed aside during an Indian raid. Mr. Condray is a wonderful host and Minneapolis is a lovely town. It is well worth the drive.

Our good friends Rod & Dawn Beemer joined us for lunch at a wonderful little cafe owned by a photographer who had his work prominently displayed. Wonderful to see Rod & Dawn! He has an exciting new book I'll be able to tell you about soon. In the meantime, order his Deadliest Woman in the West about the wrath of Mother Nature in the 1800s. It's awesome!

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