Sunday, May 13, 2012

April Showers Bring May Booksignings!

It's always a fact that the more you have to write about, the less time you have to write about it. Saturday, Adrian Zink hosted a wonderful event at the Mine Creek Battlefield, SHS, Pleasanton, Kansas. Lots of folks came from some distance to attend, and my old and dear friend, Arnold Schofield, manage to make it back from Topeka just in time to answer the hard questions people asked. We made lots of new friends and sold lots of books.

Since we were a ways from home and Ottawa was sort of on the way back, we stopped in to see Gary's cousins who have a thriving dairy farm. They're milking 200 plus cows right now, some mighty healthy Holsteins. It's quite the operation with computerized analysis of the butterfat in the milk right as it comes from the source on the cow carousel.

It was a beautiful drive.

* * *  * * * * * *

Last weekend, the Shawnee County Historical Society held its first Attic Sale, something we hope will become an annual fundraiser. We partnered with the Topeka Antiques Association and Findables (benefitting Midland Care) and got some awesome donations and some had a wonderful event. Dave Chuber was our celebrity auctioneer and musicians -- Stuart Yoho, Tom O'Brien and Chris Frost played some fine music. A lot of hard work went into this event and special thanks to fellow board members Jeanne Mithen and Martie Rison, member Mark Tyree, future member Beth Cooper Meyer. Chris Schultz and Joan Wagnon made excellent money changers, and Bill Wagnon, of course, was his usual indispensible self. Doug Wallace pushed bulletins. My daughter Noel helped out with refreshment sales. Allen Shirrell was a huge help moving things (as was Martie's husband and the entire Clabaugh family, as well as Jerrie Conklin and her mate, Damon). Allen was extremely helpful in storing a buggy donated to the society by Rick Taylor, son of the Rev. Richard Taylor who was instrumental in our obtaining the John Ritchie House.

Gary & I bought some cool stuff including a signed Stan Herd poster and a trike for Bubba.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We have a hectic week coming up. The Kansas Hall of Fame induction ceremony is rapidly approaching (June 15) and there remains much to be done. On Tuesday night, I'm speaking and signing books at the National Archives in Kansas City. The reception starts at 6:30, I believe.
Graduations and parties -- Miss Maddy Tennant is graduating from Leavenworth High School and will become an Ichabod!! So tickled she'll be close by!

*  * * * * * * * * * * *

Mother's Day and Noel got me two of the sweetest cards -- one from her and one from the boys. Talked with Karen and Lulu in Israel. Karen says my trip to London in November will have to do for a lot of special occasions this year. . . :)

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