Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Like an Oak

Everyone knows that my favorite Oak Ridge Boy is William Lee Golden. Always has been. Last week, I had the chance to interview him on the radio show; Sunday, Noel and I had the chance to meet him and his comrades at the Great Overland Station and then Carol Ann joined me for their Christmas concert at the Topeka Performing Arts Center. Noel was thrilled to get her picture with each band member and the GOS hosted a wonderful event. Likewise, TPAC was packed, and if we could have harnessed the energy in the room, it would have lit our holiday season!
PS--My producer and KMAJ's morning newsman Steve Forman, says you might be a Southerner if you have a favorite Oak Ridge Boy!

Left, Noel with Richard Sterben; right, with Duane Allen; and below, with Joe Bonsall. I'm going to have her add her own commentary.


Si's blog said...

What great experiences you are giving her. What great experiences you are having. Ain't life grand?

Bro. Byron said...

Oh man, I love the Oak Ridge Boys! How cool was that getting to meet them! I used to be in a barbershop/gospel quartet and we used to sing all of the old Oak's songs. Of course with me being a bass, my fav was always Richard Sterben.