Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spreading the Gospel

About 400 bushwhackers visited the Lone Jack Battlefield yesterday and my buddy, Dan Hadley (above) kept them entertained and informed.
Okay, so they weren't bushwhackers. . . .they were actually 8th grade students but what's the difference? (And if you doubt me, click the link to the right and read The Life of Tug for a machismo high school "homeck" adventure.)
After a while, you forget how long or just how you know people. Dan's one of those folks I feel like I've known forever. He does such good work out at Lone Jack and they have other events coming up giving you the opportunity to visit the site and learn more. If Lone Jack sounds familiar, especially to my British friend Nick, that's where Rooster Cogburn lost his eye!!!
Radio On, or Online Radio
Will be on the air from 10 -Noon today and the website is Full website should be up next week. Call in folks! Rich is on at 8, Steve on at noon, just make sure you listen while I' there!

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