Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am watching The Undefeated. God, I love this movie!!!! Rock Hudson and John Wayne (above), Dub Taylor, Jan Michael Vincent, Lee Merriweather, Roman Gabriel, Ben Johnson, John Agar--there's no end to the list of stars in this film set in post-Civil War West.
Sometimes I try to recall what life was like before the Western Channel, and then I realize, hey, these movies were REAL movies back then, REAL TV shows, and a part of REAL life.
For any reader out there who really wants to make an impression on me, the real deal of the poster below would make me a REALLY happy camper.
Tune in to the Encore Western Channel and treat yourself to some Randolph Scott. Tell 'em Deb sent you.


Nick Ingram said...

This all may be so - but it could be possable that The Train Robbers - may be the best John Wayne film that I've seen.

Deb Goodrich said...

Oh, I didn't say it was the best, I just love it despite all the flaws! I'm still voting for The Searchers as the best John Wayne movie.:)
BTW, your blog is awesome!!! I want to post a link. You're an incredible photographer.

Nick Ingram said...

Many thanks please feel free to link away.


Michelle Martin said...

The Searchers is the best movie ever made period! But, The Undefeated is great. In addition to john Wayne this film has my all time favorite....BEN JOHNSON!!!!!