Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blessed to Be Busy

I am blessed to have a very busy week, even with the snow. Fortunately, we escaped the second foot of snow that others very close to us received, but we did get a really beautiful snowfall. It is winter--in all its glory and vengeance.

My co-author on this latest book, Michelle Martin, arrives tomorrow and we will have our book launch party. Yaay us!!! Michelle was the perfect person to share this project, Kansas Forts and Bases: Sentinels on the Prairie. For one thing, she did all the hard work like coding images. We will be speaking at our regular meeting of the Civil War Roundtable of Eastern Kansas Thursday night at 6:30. The CWRT is a very well-read and very active with history-related activities. Membership is only $15 a year and we encourage new members! That membership goes to covering speakers' expenses. Member or not, though, the public is welcome to attend any of our meetings and especially Thursday night!

We will be guests Thursday morning on WIBW Radio with Jamie and Roger and on WIBW TV with Ralph Hipp at 4. On Friday, we'll be signing books at Rusty Haggles in the historic NOTO Arts District before Gary and I head over to the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in Lawrence. On Saturday, local bands the Exceptions and Kerry Livgren, below, will be inducted into this elite organization. (Kerry has been inducted previously with Kansas and White Clover.) Kerry is the songwriter behind hits Dust in the Wind and Carry On My Wayward Son. He is not only a very talented guy but a good man as well.

On Sunday, Michelle and I have a book signing at Lecompton's Constitution Hall.

The Kansas Hall of Fame had scheduled a press conference to announce its 2013 laureates but we had to reschedule to March 14 due to the weather. Trust me, however, that the event is going to be stellar this year!!! Mark your calendars for June 21 and stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to get a little writing done. . . .

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