Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Thrills

Estate sale signs are like . . . well, like Jack Daniels to a drunk waking up with empty pockets. Just dangle those signs and I'm there.

A couple of weeks ago, there was such a sale just a few blocks from our house. I got there just a few minutes before closing; all the real valuables were long since gone, and I picked up a couple of planters for fifty cents. There were tons of books in the garage and I casually perused the titles for one of ours when I came across this "Gunsmoke" coloring book. Since the book and I were about the same age, I nabbed it. When I checked out, they just gave it to me. Tom believes the owner was a little girl. Most of the pages are blank and on the rare page that has been touched, there is Miss Kitty's dress or a bouquet of flowers. This little girl would have been framing the cover photograph of that handsome marshal!

One day in the the Thrift Store, I happened upon this volume of Spin and Marty for fifty cents (above, right). It's not in great shape; the cover is about to fall off, but what an image! The horses are bolting because there is a mountain lion in the trees behind them. . . . (left). I'm sure Tom was watching such shows and developed his opinion of these feline creatures very early.
What memories this little volume brings back. I would come home from school in the afternoons and tune in "The Mickey Mouse Club" just to watch Spin and Marty. Freebies and fifty-cent bargains--who says money can't buy happiness?


Bro. Byron said...

Awesome find in that Gunsmoke coloring book! Brings back memories of sitting on my dad's lap watching that show. He would be smoking his pipe and he would blow smoke into my toy cap pistols and I would pull the trigger and yell out, "Gunsmoke!" I always thought my dad was kind of like Marshall Dillon.

Si's blog said...

Neat story.

Your trip to Lawrence prompted me to read up on Lawrence, Redlegs and Jayhawkers, Bleeding Kansas, General Order #10, etc. As I said in a previous comment, as a Virginian, the different views of The War are fascinating.

Leslie Shelor said...

We always watched Gunsmoke; don't remember the Mickey Mouse Club as well. I used to try to limp like Chester (I think that was the character and show!)