Tuesday, July 15, 2008


If we had enjoyed ourselves more in Atwood, Kansas, over the weekend, they would have had to bury us there.

We had visited before, and looked longingly into the windows of the Aberdeen Steakhouse (above). On Friday night, we spoke there. More importantly, they fed us. And fed us. And fed us.

Jeff and Alice Hill own this turn-of-the-century landmark in this small northwestern Kansas town. The Shirley Opera House, upstairs, is under renovation. Jeff and Alice are the hardest workingest people I've seen since my Mama and Daddy. I felt like a slug by comparison.

After our presentation, we were escorted back to their ranch (below and far below)--roughly, 30 miles from town. It was glorious. There was a thunderhead over us and we stood on their porch and watched the lightening. We slept soundly in their hunting lodge.

The next morning, Jeff gave us the grand tour and as if on cue, a doe and her fawn appeared next to the road and stood while we fumbled for the camera.

While Alice hoed vegetables, we returned to town for lunch with the Cabrinas. Peggy is a major domo with the town's Jayhawk Theater, and a more gracious couple just couldn't be found. After stuffing ourselves yet again (thanks in part to the homemade cherry and rhubarb crisps made by Roger Pirodeaux) we went to the Jayhawk for the showing of Bloody Dawn, the documentary by Ken Spurgeon based on Tom's book by the same title. The theater hosted two showings, nearly full each time. We were joined by other cast members, including Russell and Judy Miller and Mark Berry, not to mention Ken's family and board member Vicki Houk.

On Sunday, Roger Pirodeaux toured Indian war sites with us. He drove his dad's pickup through fields and furrows and we were treated to incredible scenery and history.

The hospitality virtually spilled from the tiny town. We loved every minute of the companionship and can't wait to return.

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Really a neat story. Interesting. Makes me wish we were there.

Makes me hungry, too. Back in a bit.