Friday, July 18, 2008

Mary Washington College

I have spent the last hour on the phone with someone I haven't seen since the summer of 1975. Heather Palmer and I attended Governor's School for the Gifted and Talented at Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia. (Don't laugh!!! It's a big deal!!!!) She was encouraging a friend's child to apply and googled our year--1975--to find others willing to offer testimonials. I was blown away to hear from her, especially when I discovered that she, too, is an historian of the 19th century. We promised to keep in touch, exchange books, and to visit each other this fall. She has a book coming out in November and we're speaking in Boston and Providence in October. Hopefully, we can make our paths cross again.

Above, the entry to Mary Ball Hall where Heather and I spent that magnolia-scented summer. My roomie, Lisa Hardy, would sneak down with me and "decorate" the lovely marble statue of the grandmother of our country. Heather did not have, as I recall, such evil inclinations.
What wonderful memories.

I called home and my uncle, Charles, was down at the Willis Gap Community Center listening to the weekly jam session. It made me homesick. Which reminds me. . . if you haven't looked at the Free State of Patrick lately, Tom Perry has some great stuff. Link to the right.


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb!
Thanks for mentioning our recent trip to Dodge City on your show today! Glad you liked the photo. We both are really thrilled and honored to be honorary marshal and deputy marshal of Dodge City! You know, I am thinking of heading to Topeka soon, we have to catch up. Love the show, I listen every day that I can.

Si's blog said...

When you were in Frederick's burg, did you happen to go to Carl's ice Cream. Can still remember that.

Just down the road here on Virginia's Eastern Shore is the Custis mansion. Don't know how much time Martha nor Mary spent there but there are a million Custises around here.

Deb Goodrich said...

Si, my cousin, Oren Jarrell, owned the Holiday Inn in F'burg, and the ice plant, I believe, among other things. He also owned the truck stop near Richmond on Hwy 1, then later on I-95. I don't remember the ice cream parlor. . . no, maybe I do... I'm so old, I forget sometimes. . .

Si's blog said...

So old you forget? You young whipper-snappers are not old enough to ...

What was I writing about? Plumb forgot.

Carl's Custard is listed in most of the touristy things. ( You need to go to Fredericksburg to see the War For States Rights stuff and eat there.