Monday, October 12, 2009

Art on the Plaza

Jim and Jean Bass had the opening reception for their art exhibit yesterday, and what a location for their incredible work!

It just so happens that Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Congregational Church just across from the horse fountain at the Plaza (KCMO). And in this church, Wright situated an art gallery. Wright's architecture is the perfect setting for Jim's bronzes and Jean's fabrics. . . it was really beautiful and as soon as I get the photos downloaded, I'll share them with you. The exhibit will be on display for two months. Do make a point to stop by. Gary, Noel & I went over and were just wowed by the interesting architecture.

Above, Epiphany, one of Jean's pieces done for 1st Congregational Church in Topeka; Below, Jim's sculpture, Forgiven Man, which sets just outside the church. Visit for more.


Carol said...

I know both artists and never fail to be impressed and delighted with their work. We own pieces by both and enjoy each daily.

Deb Goodrich said...

You are so lucky to own both their works! I have more photos to share and I hope you get to see this exhibit if you haven't already.