Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waskie Gone Wild

I am fortunate to know some people who are extremely passionate about history. Some are in treatment programs. Some lead inspiring lives. Case in point: Anthony Waskie.

My dear friend Andy founded and serves as the president of the General Meade Society of Philadelphia. This prestigious group meets regularly to pay homage to the "Victor of Gettysburg" or "The Man Who Saved the Union." They have trips, galas, historic talks, wreath-layings--all manner of events to remind us of contributions of those gone on before.

I love these people! Let's face it--you have to be a bubble off plumb to show up at a cemetery in freezing weather on New Year's Eve to drink champagne and toast a man who has been dead more than a century. Perhaps. If so, the mania is spreading because each year Andy leads a throng of hundreds on the pilgrimage to the General's grave in Laurel Hill Cemetery. I have been honored to speak to this group and to accompany them on many travels. They are a shining example of what passion and determination can accomplish.

The General would be proud!

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