Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to Google

So, Topeka has changed its name to Google.

Mayor Bill Bunten has made international news by declaring that the place that used to be a great place to grow potatoes (in a very loose translation of the Kanza language) to the hub of the internet universe. Life has changed drastically for those of who are Googlians.

The sun has begun to rise earlier and shine longer. The wind is coming from the south instead of the north. The snow and ice have turned to gentle rain. People are nicer to one another, more patient, more kind. IQ scores are going up at all our schools. Musicians are in tune and playing with more passion. Artists are using brighter colors (Even Barbara Waterman Peters has painted a yellow crow. Oh, no, just kidding!) The garbage men are whistling. Somehow, the traffic lights change in unison. The geese are returning to the ponds at 6th and Gage. Gray, brown, black clothes in the stores have been replaced by pinks, blues, oranges. Snow shovels have been pushed aside in the hardware stores to make way for marigold and lettuce seeds. Googlians have shed their heavy coats and are breathing more deeply, walking more, drinking less.

We should have changed our name to Google in January.

*Image of Google sign, CNN


Leslie Shelor said...

Wonder if Topeka and Topeco have similar origins. I've always wondered what the name of Topeco Church in Floyd County means. "Great place to grow potatoes" sure fits these Virginia mountains!

Deb Goodrich said...

Leslie, that's a great observation! I'll pass that along to Tom Perry and see if he knows the answer....but you're right about the potato growing! I still think one of the best smells in the world was the damp ground turned out with new potatoes.