Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Times

Tom's cousins, Ezzie and Arthur, stopped by this weekend and brought photos of their trip to Springfield and Hannibal, Missouri. Arthur, who is a knowledgeable railroad buff, took the above photo. The bridge in the upper right hand corner is the Hannibal bridge over the Mississippi River.

Professor Durwood Ball, University of New Mexico, is visiting us this week. Friends of the Free State Capitol, Ghost Tours of Kansas, and a few odd history nerds are hosting the author at Blind Tiger Brew Pub on Wednesday evening. Email me for more information or visit

Dr. Ball is writing a biography of Edwin "Bull" Sumner, the army officer who kept the lid on Bleeding Kansas. I've always believed that Col. Sumner's shining moment occurred right here in Topeka. (see other blogs by myself or Tom.) We're so excited that he's coming to visit! He'll be on my radio show, Topeka Talks, KMAJ 1440 AM, Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., and will appear on Channel 27 with Ralph Hipp on Tuesday afternoon. Let's all make him welcome!

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