Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nights of Twisters

Cheryl Logan passed these photos along to me and I wanted to share them with you. It has been a scary week in Kansas. We sat in our basement, which is finished and has sofas and a TV, watching the progress of the storms each night this week. When they were describing tornadoes on the ground in Salina, then Chapman (above), then Junction City, then Manhattan (below), we had no idea the destruction would be so great. There were two deaths--one of which occurred just north of Topeka. The little town of Chapman was devastated, almost as badly as Greensburg last year. Being a native Kansan and not easily sent to the cellar, Tom instructed me to grab my valuables and head below. I went to my jewelry drawer--thought again and then just grabbed a few photographs. A picture of your kids or your grandparents is worth a thousand baubles.

Have been looking at images of tornadic destruction here and in Iowa, as well as the flooding in Cedar Rapids. Mother Nature remains unconquered.

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Kevin Surbaugh said...

awesome pics. Great beauty, that deserves great respect.

- Kevin S.