Sunday, June 29, 2008

Online, Offline

Folks, I have had so much trouble getting online, and staying online, the blog has just been impossible. I apologize to all y'all who have emailed and I've failed to respond. When the storms interfered with our computers, we lost some stuff, reprogrammed internet, etc., etc., but I'm still not steadily connected.

Had a wonderful visit with Durwood Ball, professor/editor/historian from the University of New Mexico. We showed him the sites in Topeka, Lecompton, and Leavenworth, and he gave us the benefit of his expertise and research.

I have some great guests lined up this week, so listen in, give me a call, and hopefully, sometime soon, I will re-enter the 21st century.


Si's blog said...

With all of your adventures, there must be lots of stories to tell.

Anonymous said...

Deb, it was good to get to meet you this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to provide some information re. veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

Can you tell me if your morning programs are archived?

Thanks again for the opportunity.


Deb Goodrich said...

Damn Skippy, Si!

Randy, call my producer/morning news guy, Steve Foreman at 297-1440. As I said, they don't let me touch any buttons! Great having you on, and keep up the good work for our Vets!