Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning Coming Down, with Caffeine and Magazines

Spent the morning with daughter, Noel, and her little boy, Devyn, at Barnes and Noble. This has always been a favorite way to spend Sunday morning for me and my girls. Grab a latte and about a dozen magazines, read the most interesting parts to each other, and watch the world hustle by on Wannamaker Road.

So, my dozen magazines this morning were the usual: history, military history, and home decor. I have some great stuff to pass along to you!

Armchair General has a fantastic cover and the inside is just as great with history-making photographs. You'll find many of these familiar; some less so. For example, the Boer farmers from the war by that name really struck me and made me want to know more about that episode in world history.

Veteran filmmaker, author and rodeo personality Dan Gagliasso has a really interesting article on father and son artists, and I believe this appeared in The Cowboy Way. Is that right, Dan? As always, his writing is so engaging and his subject is fascinating. Of course, American Cowboy featured lots of comments on Dan's article (or was it several?) on John Wayne. . . .

A big note of congratulations to American Heritage on 60 years!!!! Just the other day, I was perusing one of those hardbound-issues, June 1959, and found an excellent article on Sir Walter Raleigh. Bruce Catton was the editor then and surely it was the Golden Age of Journalism. This venerated publication keeps up the heritage of quality with this issue, a primer on American history by the best in the business! This copy is a must-have!! Kudos to the staff!

Finally, GQ. Yes, I read GQ. Clint Eastwood graces the cover and is billed as "Badass of the Year." (This is because GQ is a guy's magazine and you have to say something like that to get their attention; nonetheless, the writing is excellent!) I have to say Michael Hainey's article is one of the most honest and relevant interviews with a "star" that I have ever read. Get it. Read it. Take it to heart.

Oh, on a personal postscript....Christmas present for your mother, Karen. Renew my Barnes & Noble card:)

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