Friday, June 29, 2007

The Jameses, The Hardins, The Hiltons?

If you were related to Frank and Jesse James, Black Jack Ketchum, Ned Kelly and John Wesley Hardin, chances are you'd wind up in the slammer, too! I wish I could claim credit for this research, but alas, I cannot. It is the work of Janice Brown who is a contributor to an orginal, insightful blog called Area 603. Janice proves that is a wonderful research tool (and not just a way to while away the hours) and has discovered the relationship between Paris Hilton and the notorious figures pictured above. Read her revealing comments on Paris Hilton's "Six Degrees of Desperado" at By the way, as many Jesse experts know, the photos top middle and bottom left are purported to be Jesse and Frank, but they aren't really. Also, as Janice points out, Paris Hilton doesn't really have a mustache. . . just want to avoid confusion!


So much happening in Cherokee, North Carolina . . . where to start? As a kid, this was my favorite place to visit. "Unto These Hills," the story of the Cherokee removal from the Smoky Mountains was the first outdoor drama I can remember and it has been rewritten from the Cherokee perspective. This elaborate production is a must-see and plays through August 18. Also coming up is the Cherokee Pow Wow, July 6-8, and the Festival of Native Peoples, July 19-21. Visit for more information.

Germantown Rings in the 4th

In Center City on the 4th of July they only tap the Liberty Bell. But in Germantown, the northwestern corner of Philadelphia, they really ring it out--once for every year since 1776! Discover the meaning of Independence Day as three historic sites in Germantown team up to present something a little more personal on your 4th of July. You've seen these sites in the news recently about the exciting program, "Quest for Freedom," which connects sites throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; now come see for yourself how important this picturesque community has been in the cause of freedom in our nation. Check out the tour and events by calling 215-848-1777, x222 or visiting


Johnathan Gay said...

Great blog.

I recently visited Cherokee on my way to Asheville. Very neat place. I loved the museum... just avoid that gift shop if you're a booklover- unless of course you're loaded.

I have Frazier's latest on my shelf and will hopefully get to it soon.

Deb Goodrich said...

Thanks for the kudos! Have so much reading stacked up that I don't have Frazier's new book yet. Let me know what you think when you read it. I'm going to plug your blog today. "Cyberhillbilly" is a great name. Wish I had thought of it first. . . .