Friday, March 27, 2009

In Philly at Last!

Well, folks, I arrived safely in Philadelphia. After weather delays in Detroit, we finally took off about 2 and half hours late--but let me emphasize I appreciate the concern of airlines and Air Traffic Control. I might add I was flying Northwest and the gal at the ticket counter was exceptionally effective and polite. Despite grumbling, she kept the dissatisfaction to a minimum with frequent updates and upbeat personality. We should all learn to be more patient.

My friends were in Baltimore when I arrived, so I had to take a cab to their home. I won't go into details, but the cabby will be reported to the Port Authority which apparently has some control over such things.

Upon entering my friends' home, I felt like I was home myself. I love them dearly and am so fortunate to call Andy and Carol my friends. They had wine and cheese waiting for me, not to mention a book Carol bought for me at auction: a signed copy of a volume written by the daughter of Confederate General Joe Johnston. There's no escaping our nerd-dom.

Today, I'm sitting in Andy's office at Temple University using his computer and getting some work done. Tonight, we will go out to dinner and enjoy a bottle of Kansas wine sent to my buds by my bud in Wamego, Britt Nichols. Despite what Kathleen Sebelius says, Kansas makes some fine wine.

We'll toast the Sunflower State!
(top photo, Andy and Carol and friend at a reception. They frequently attend receptions:)

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