Friday, March 20, 2009

Queens and Politicians

Sometimes, things just get out of hand on St. Patrick's Day. . . . My cousin, Dixie Lee Jackson and a few of her closest girlfriends donned big hair and spangles to entertain the folks in Topeka's parade. About 40,000 folks crammed downtown for the festivities. It was a glorious day. Look for more pictures and more details on Dixie Lee's website. . . . the link is to the right.


Councilmen on Parade

Also in the parade were Topeka City Council members Richard Harmon, left, and Jeff Preisner, right. Jeff is running for mayor and I'm working on his blog which you can visit at Preisner4mayor.


Si's blog said...

A neat parade. No parades in Exmore. And a cold rain. Envy!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD! It's Dixie Lee as I live and breathe! My goodness Dixie was that there parade? Looks like y'all had a hoot and holler of a good time!