Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Live Boldly and Wear a Hat!

It was a fitting following to honoring the governor who was the honoree last year -- Marge Heeney was the ABWA's woman of the year. God, I do love Marge and her husband, Barney, and can't think of anyone I'm more blessed and grateful to know. Marge befriended me years ago; I have fairly worshipped her ever since, as have legions. Her generosity is unbounded. Her talent is unequaled. Her heart is tremendous. I love her dearly.

Marge has become known as the "hat lady" because of her constant donning of outrageous hats. She often adorns the hats herself with sequins and or feathers; she often sends feathers in cards to her friends; I have been the recipient of such feathers.

Marge's instruction to us is to live fully and boldly. "Go Big, or Go Home!" is her motto. As one of her friends commented, "Marge is full of sass and good sense. She is vivid!"

She is the woman we all want to be.

Another woman I love and admire and am so grateful to know is June Windscheffel. Again, I have known her for so many years and treasure her so much. She is so talented, bright, sparkly, and freaking smart! She is the woman I want to be as well.

I am so blessed by knowing so many wonderful women.

My friend Terry Hobbs, me, my friend Carol Turner, my friend Lynn Stillings. Below left, Carol and me, and right, June and me. Love you all!

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