Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blogging with Mother Earth News

I am officially blogging for Mother Earth News. I couldn't be prouder. Bryan Welch, the head honcho at Ogden Publications is a fine writer and a fine human being. Hank Will at Grit, likewise. I hosted this dynamic duo on my radio show  3 or 4 years ago now and they came bearing gifts. I have never forgotten that and still carry my Mother Earth News bag to the grocery store and have coffee from my Mother Earth News mugs. This is one subscription that Gary has maintained for years as other magazines have fallen by the wayside.

As a country girl, my relationship with Grit goes way back to our childhood. Owen Gates was one of those newsboys who brought the Grit to our door. He was sweet and diligent and walked up and down Willis Gap from his Grandma Elsie's house. It was nice to see him coming up the driveway with that canvas sack.

When I moved to Topeka, one of the best surprises was finding that this fair city is the headquarters for these time-tested publications. Getting to know the folks that run the business has been a real bonus. Working with them in some way is just icing on the cake.


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