Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kansas Forts and Bases--The Cover

. . . Michelle is visiting and the cover of our book arrived today. We were copying the page proofs at Office Max when the email with the cover attachment arrived. Woohoo! Most of the cover images were taken by Michelle who is just an outstanding photographer. We think the design folks at History Press did a great job. You never get too old to get excited at the first glimpse of your book. We'll keep you posted on the booksigning tour and the availability of the book. Coming soon to a town near you. . . . Bisel & Martin.

Which reminds me. . . The Civil War in Kansas: Ten Years of Turmoil is officially sold out and about to go into its second printing. Again, thanks to the good folks at History Press. Our editor, Becky Lejeune is a delight to work with as is the rest of the dedicated staff.

Michelle is headed to Michigan for Christmas with her family but will be back here early Christmas morning. What a wonderful season this is for us. There are many places I wanted to go, things I wanted to do, and those plans have not materialized. I am most grateful, however, for the way life has unfolded for us in the past few days and weeks. We are so richly blessed.

May we live in such a way to bless others.


DW@CWBA said...

Is there much Civil War content in the book?


Deb Goodrich said...

There is quite a bit. We tried to cover as much as possible, but for Michelle and me both, the Civil War and Indian Wars are our favorite times so we probably cover those a little heavily:) Lots of Civil War in my Civil War in Kansas, however:)