Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voices From the Past

Mark your calendars, Hoosiers! Tuesday night I'll be speaking to the civil war roundtable at Depauw University (right) in Greencastle. Tom and I spoke there together a few years ago, and it was a wonderful group. This time, Tom has to stay home and work and I get to travel.

We have spent many good times in Indiana--a beautiful state that doesn't get a lot of press. My cousin, Beth, lives in Noblesville, which is smack dab in the middle of a trip back home to Virginia. (I try to settle friends and relatives conveniently across America.)

Our bud, Tom Perry, wrote an article about Tom and me for The Surry (NC) Messenger back home in Mount Airy. First person to get in touch was Gray Shelton, now retired from the Mount Airy Police Department. A couple of years ago when I was home for Christmas, I stopped in to visit Gray (below), who was some bigwig, and Ronald Hill, who had somehow managed to become police chief. (Ronald and I went to church together growing up and I knew how really rotten he was! Of course, the flip side is that he also knows how baaad I am!) I think Gray was a lieutenant when I covered court and police for the Mount Airy News years and years ago. It was good to hear from him and to know that his family is well. Gray was an exemplary cop--in his abilities and demeanor. Mount Airy was lucky to have him.

Another voice from the past was on our answering machine: "This is Debbie Coalson's history teacher. I saw the article in the paper and couldn't believe she's writing history! She never came to class!" Bless Bill Hanner's heart! My extracurricular activities, especially the high school newspaper, were always getting in the way of going to class. He indulged me shamelessly. I was "plum spoilt!"

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh my gaawd! The secret is out, you didn't go to history class! I hope history students the world over don't read that one, history profs would be out of jobs if they knew that you could write and publish and not have gone to class ;-)