Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busy, Busy

I had two school buses full of 7th Graders from Shawnee Heights at the Topeka Cemetery yesterday (and tours today at 10 and 2). Then, Noel and I built our own cemetery on the lawn and placed headless ghouls on the porch. I haven't had the time to download the photos from our trip, which I'm anxious to share with you, or to write about some of the interesting discoveries. Later today, I promise.

In the meantime, check out the Life of Tug link at right. It's a great blog, and Byron does several others which are worth looking at. Just below that link, you'll find the link to Old West/New West Ezine. Michelle Martin is working on a new website that looks great and is in the middle of promoting The Natural Prairie Table Cookbook that she co-wrote with her boss, Bill Kurtis. Look it up on Amazon. Tom Perry has a new book with Arcadia that is available so visit the Free State of Patrick link for details. That will keep you busy til I get back. . . .

(Top photo: fog from Lovers Leap Mountain, Patrick County, Virginia, The Enterprise)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug for the book and the site! It is a fun one to develop and work with. We hope to be signing lots and lots of books in KS and OK before Christmas. So far the comments we have gotten back on the book from fls who have seen some of the chapters is really great!
Thanks again, by the way LOVE History Gypsies! That just about describes all of us doesn't it!

Bro. Byron said...

Thanks so much for the linkage and the kind words. I have been neglecting Tug lately due to all of the news happenings in K-town.

Still looking for that Varian Davis book! ;)

Bro. Byron said...

Oops, just looked at this and noticed I spelled Varina's name wrong! Sorry!