Monday, February 11, 2008

Free State of Patrick

Big news from Patrick County, Virginia. The Jeb Stuart Birthplace was recently vandalized by fire, and lots of important folks are taking it personally--including me. Our friend Tom Perry was instrumental in saving and preserving Jeb's boyhood home. Read his thoughts at . Also, Tom sadly reported the death of Libba Robertson, wife of Stonewall Jackson biographer, Bud Robertson. Libba was a pistol. She was vivacious and gracious and precious. She was Bud's heart and inspiration and our prayers are with him. Libba died on the birthday of Jeb Stuart, and those of us who were fans of hers and Jeb's find comfort in this fact.

On another interesting blognote, Eric Wittenberg celebrated Jeb's birthday in style in Richmond, Virginia. Read his account along with some great photos at As I commented, I am sooo jealous!!!

Now, gentle reader, I am off to "jine the cavalry!"

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Anonymous said...

Deb that is terrible!!!!!!!! There should be a special level of hell for grave robbers and those who do things to historic sites...I hope it was not arson.

I am so saddened to hear of Libba's passing, that is so sad.

Speaking of sad, Gen. John Beck, a long time KS reenactor, died last week in Wichita. He will be missed.