Friday, February 15, 2008

Media Training

Have spent three days at Fort Leavenworth in a media exercise and my vocal chords are exhausted. My colleagues and I were the journalists in mock press conferences so that officers can hone their skills in presenting facts to the media. It's tiring, but honestly, I can't imagine where you could have more fun (except maybe a Civil War or Indian Wars Battlefield). Retired ABC correspondent John McWethy cast a large shadow over the event. On Tuesday before dying in a skiing accident Wednesday, John had talked with Stephen Kerrick at the CGSC and provided handouts for use in the training exercise. They included his observations on media/military relations, such as Like rain on the battlefield, the press will be there. Deal with it.

We carried on in his good name and, I hope, made him proud.

D. K. Clark wrote a tribute to John that appeared this week in the Leavenworth Lamp and echoes the sentiments of many of us:

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