Sunday, February 3, 2008

Workaday Week

So many great events over the past week I can't recall them all. . . .

Tuesday, we were treated to dinner by former Kansas Lieutenant Governor Shelby Smith at Topeka's own Brick Oven. It was bitter cold and icy but the interesting company and the Cajun mushrooms were worth braving the weather--a most appropriate way to spend Kansas Day. At 80, Shelby is as bright and interesting as ever.

Wednesday, after Cheryl and I thoroughly exhausted ourselves on our latest remodeling project, Tom and I headed to a Washburn ballgame. I don't know how the Ichabods lost because I yelled my lungs out.

Thursday, Tom and I stopped by the CGSC and visited with buds before heading over to see our friend Mark Neuse who had asked me to speak to the Leavenworth Main Street annual event. The caterer for said event is also the owner of the Blue Crab Bistro and Tampico's, both located in downtown Leavenworth. The food was incredible. And what a fantastic group of folks! Such energy, passion, and commitment was evident that night that I was just privileged to be in the company of such interesting folks--folks I hope to see again soon.

Monday and Friday Cheryl and I were working.

Saturday, up early then Noel and I headed to the Post for the Military Collectibles Show organized by our friend, Jerry Brown. While there, Armchair General's Jerry Morelock stopped by and gave Noel his last ball cap. Archaeologist Doug Scott dropped by and left a copy of his latest book on the Little Bighorn. Dave Chuber was set up next to me so it was like old home week. Noel got a Marine Corp sword. She was fairly dancing. Later, Noel and I went to the Goodwill Store where we ran into John Graham who invited us in to see his shop, Sally's at 412 Delaware. It was absolutely the coolest shop I have seen in ages. John, who makes the most creative lamps I have ever seen, well, he and I are making plans to bring tourists into downtown.
On to a Mardi Gras party at Steven and Marianne Tennant's home, and then the Chubers came home with us. . . . The rest is a blur. . . . .

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