Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Hair, Big Read

Yes, Dixie Lee picks you!

On Sunday, my cousin, Dixie Lee Jackson, made sweet potato sonker for the folks at the Topeka/Shawnee County Public Library. Actually, she demonstrated the sonker-making and Monica from the Millennium Cafe made the sonker. Folks back home would have been proud. Monica did a fine job on the sonker and sweet tea. Moon Pies and RC Cola were also passed among the crowd. Dixie Lee is writing a cookbook, Sugar, 'Shine, and Sermons: Dixie Lee Jackson's Guide to Southern Mountain Living.

Y'all have some sonker!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd!
Dixie Lee Jackson as I live and breathe!!!! Well, I am so glad to see that you introduced folks in the north land there to sweet tea, RC cola and my favorite Moon Pies. I have had a hankerin for a banana Moon Pie or a grand ol original one. Mmmmm, nothing finer than a Moon pie and sweet tater fries.
Can't wait for the book!

niseypoo said...

omg I had forgotten how big dixie's hair was since I've not seen her in few years. But I didn't know it was that red either. Then I remembered her telling us she went red. See, she dyed her hair for years and it always looked blue, and if the sun hit it was more purple. At least this way, it should be just red.

Deb Goodrich said...

It just depended on what color was on sale!