Monday, February 2, 2009

Life Is Good

Folks, the new year is in full swing and perhaps my schedule is becoming more manageable. Thus, I promise each of you, faithful and whiny readers, to blog regularly from this day forward.

The radio show is going very well; ratings are up, I'm getting the hang of it, and I'm getting great guests. In fact, just last week I interviewed President Lincoln. Photos to follow.

Life is good.


Si's blog said...

Eager to see pictures of you and Abe. And to read your interview.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from an Un-Reconstructed Rebel.

How did a good lookin' Southern gal like you end up in Kansas?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for riding into Kansas and robbing banks and burning down houses. I just can't figure out why anybody would want to put down roots.

My old Pap use to say, "If Hell ain't a lot like Kansas, I'll kiss your @$$!"

Palmyra ain't hosting a re-enactment of the massacre this year. Maybe I'll see you in Jeff City.

John the Giant

Deb Goodrich said...

Si, Maybe I'll figure out how to post audio links. . . it could happen. . .
Big John, Hey Buddy! Good to hear from you? Why don't you invade Kansas sometime and rescue this Rebel for lunch!

Anonymous said...

Do you know about the new house committee that has been formed? It is the Vision 2020 committee that is looking at what tourism should be like in 2020 in KS. There is a great outcry against the KSHS for cutting budgets, closing sites, changing hours, etc. I have been asked to come up and testify on the importance of historical sites in tourism...I am bringing a very special, well known friend with me to testify as well. When I know the date maybe we can get that friend in the studio for an on air interview!

Anonymous said...

I Freddy he self proclaimed "king" of whiny Mayberryans shall henceforth decree that regular nay- verily daily Deb- blogging shall be the law of the ephemeral cyber space.
Failure to heed this decree shall be met with harsh punishment -perhaps endless whiny Clay Aiken broadway song stylings seared into your Psyche??