Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leslie's Laurels

The lovely Leslie Shelor posted this photo of Mountain Laurel and it made me so homesick! We literally lived in a laurel thicket as children. We cleared the forest floor and had "playhouses" underneath the thick canopy. Those are sweet, sweet, memories. My niece is Jathina Laurel after Granny and the laurel, and my granddaughter is Laurel Grace.

Thank you, Leslie, for this beautiful photo and visit her site link on this page, At the Top of Squirrel Spur.

May all y'all be graced with laurels!

Michael Burlingame

. . . was wonderful at the Dole Center in Lawrence Tuesday night. We saw lots of friends (nerd convention), and Ken and Terry Hobbs and I joined Michael at the legendary Eldridge Hotel for drinks afterward. It was an inspiring evening. Look for Michael's new book, Abraham Lincoln: A Life, the seminal work on the 16th president.

Terry, Ken, Lincoln, Michael. I''m the short one.


Si's blog said...

Nothing blooming over here on The Eastern Shore, yet. We will get lots of azaleas fairly soon, however. Not laurel but sort of.

Grew up in central Pennsylvania. It was full of mountain laurel. Still remember in my childhood, the dinosaurs eating them.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of you and the gang and good ol Abe! That's priceless. If I had been there I would have taken my heels off and been short right next to you! You know, if you wear Dixie Lee Jackson's hair and heels you could add a foot to your height, now that's a thought.
Love you, take care.