Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weather Gods

Last night we walked the dog and enjoyed the 60-degree evening. This morning, we had "Thunder Snow," winds gusting to 30 plus miles an hour, and electricity going off and on. March has roared in as if Mars himself has awakened and is testing his powers. So, when we finally had power restored, I opened my email and found a press release from Vermont Life and this gorgeous spring scene. It made me feel so good, I just wanted to share it with you, and giving folks a little free publicity doesn't bother me at all (even if they're Yankees!) There is a headline at the top, "Spanish Horses," and this sent up a couple of antennae. There is an article on screenwriter John Fusco (Hidalgo, Young Guns) and his horsebreeding operation on his Vermont farm. With the accompanying photos of the horses running through lush grass with Vermont hills behind them, yes, I'd say it is worth subscribing for. I had the pleasure of sitting beside John on a flight from Milwaukee to Rapid City a couple of years ago, and while he does take creative license with history, his compassion for people and animals, and his passion for storytelling, is evident.

A Confederacy of Union Generals

Seated, left to right: Maj. General John Reynolds, as portrayed by Mike Riley; Maj. General George Meade, as portrayed by Andy Waskie; Lieut. General Ulysses S. Grant, as portrayed by Larry Clowers; Maj. General John Gibbon, as portrayed by Bob Hanrahan; Standing, left to right: Brig. General Rufus Ingalls, as portrayed by Pat Fairbairn; Lieut. Charles Phillips, as portrayed by Tim Henry; Captain Henry Landis, as portrayed by Steve Harris; Brig. General David McMurtrie Gregg, as portrayed by Carl Popadick; Captain Edward Baird, as portrayed by Bill Gollatz; Lieut.Colonel James Sanderson, as portrayed by Jeff Jefferson; Major General Godfrey Weitzel, as portrayed by Joe Funk; Major General James McPherson, as portrayed by Scott Thomas; Brig. General Andrew Humphreys, as portrayed by Jerry McCormick; Major General William Sherman, as portrayed by Tony Rosati; Captain Lewis Weitzel, as portrayed by Dan Moran. Thanks to Andy Waskie. If you have some interesting reenacting photos you'd like to share, send them on!

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