Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Electricity, Glorious Electricity!

I awoke like Scrooge on Christmas morning. I wanted to throw open the windows and run into the streets shouting, "We made it through the night with power!"

It could go at any moment, I know; it flickered just now. But to have made it through the night and wake to a warm house, what a blessing!

I went out into our icy wonderland to retrieve my paper. It was there. Bless their hearts! While I was shuffling back inside, the garbage truck stopped in front of the neighbor's house. I had forgotten all about trash day in the midst of dire weather reports, yet here they were, on time despite the freezing drizzle that continued to fall. I looked up and down our block. Only one person had the presence of mind or the confidence to put out the garbage. Hopefully, it will be a short day for these hard-working men.

My lovely daughter called from Charlotte, North Carolina, yesterday just to say it was 79 degrees, a record for December. If I had anything, I'd disinherit her. . . .

For those of you who did not take seriously my gift suggestions on Tom's blog, for shame, for shame! Recall I suggested that an oil lamp makes a thoughtful gift? (No one should set up housekeeping without an oil lamp.) Well, I made my rounds like every other hearty soul in the capital city looking for such an animal for my friend, and, alas, every store in town had sold out. Being the product of hearty mountaineer stock, I bought oil, wicks, and cork and made my own. Fortuitously, we have a supply of empty bottles.


The downside to being a statue. . . . brrrrrrrr!

(ap photo by seth perlman; lincoln statue in springfield, ill.)


Leslie Shelor said...

Electricity is a beautiful thing! And I have several oil lamps, lots of candles and a couple of flashlights, in case electricity fails us. We've been lucky the past few years and power outages have been few. Glad you're doing OK with all the ice!

Anonymous said...

Rock on Deb!
We lost electricity here for several hours near the tail end of the storm. It was supper time and I put some soup in my mucket, lit a can of sterno and waited for it to heat up! I had made a pot of coffee earlier in the day and with half a pot left put it in the fridge to keep. Well, that went in the ol tin cup and over the sterno too! I had every candle lantern, candle and oil lamp I own out of my reenacting gear going! Reenactors and those of mountaineer stock can always find a way to get things done! Hmmm, and just think reenactors go out live with no electricity, etc. for fun. Are we nutts or is the rest of the world crazy? I will have to think on that one!

Keep warm!

By the way, I am listening to some great flat footing music now on the internet, made me think of you!