Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wyatt Earp

Wild West published this photo of Wyatt Earp and you'll find a description of it filed under "Wyatt's First Star" at http://www.historynet.com/historical_figures/3564412.html. Yes, this little man is Wyatt Earp, along with his mother.

"She doted on the frowner," isn't that what Virgil (ala Sam Elliott) said to Wyatt in Tombstone?

Happy Birthday, Wyatt, March 19, 1848. We see why she doted on the frowner. He was handsome thing, even scowling.

By the way, Wyatt was named for Wyatt Berry Stapp, Captain of a company of mounted volunteers from Illinois during the Mexican War. Nicholas Earp is listed as the third sergeant in the company.

Jeb Loved A Ball!

Thanks to Southern Belle and Meade Society member of the Florida Chapter: Pat Crumpler

April 4-5 is a weekend of celebration sponsored by the JEB Stuart Memorial Foundation to benefit the Museum of the Confederacy.

Beginning with a reception at the museum Friday evening, the weekend includes tours to the famous Hollywood Cemetery and to the Maymount Estate. Also available is a walking tour of historic sites in downtown Richmond hosted by a knowledgeable museum staff member. Saturday evening concludes at the Renaissance Center with a ball featuring period dress, dancing and Southern Food. Music provided by not only the Virginia Military Institute's Scottish Piping Band, but The Second South Carolina String Band and Evening Shade.

For information please contact the JEB Stuart Memorial Foundation at JEBStuartMemFound@Yahoo.Com or phone 1 877 887 3235.

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