Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Headlines: North v. South

I've often thought how interesting it would be to follow the lives of all the folks named Frank James, or Jesse James, or Frank James Something-or-other, or Jesse James Something-or-other. Back in Mayberry, I had class with a boy named Jesse James Bowman who just seemed always to be in some sort of scrape. Not sure what became of him. There are too many news items to cover them all involving one of the Jameses, but this one seemed particularly telling. Lest any of you have forgotten the Civil War, Southerners take words, and music for that matter, very seriously. From the Mobile, Alabama, newspaper:

Shooting victim still critical

A woman who was hospitalized with five gunshot wounds Thursday remained in critical condition Saturday at University of South Alabama Medical Center, a hospital official said.

Lacey Burch, 22, was shot by her father, Frank James, in the face and chest with a .22-caliber rifle, authorities said. Prosecutors said in court Friday that he shot her after she would not let him play a guitar that did not belong to him.

James is charged with attempted murder and second-degree assault, as well as first degree possession of marijuana, according to Mobile County sheriff's officials. He is being held in Mobile County Metro Jail without bond.

I'm sorry, but as a rule, you just don't find headlines like that in the North. . . .

From the Civil War Bookshelf website, word is that New Jersey wants to replace the statue of Gen. Phil Kearney in the U. S. Capitol with Frank Sinatra. . . . Okay, you won't find a headline like that in the South! (p. s. check out this great site at http://cwbn.blogspot.com/ )

No offense to New Jersey (the Civil War governor of the Garden State, Bruce Sirak, is a friend of ours), but one might be hard pressed to decide who was the bigger gangster, Frank James or Frank Sinatra.

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Snowbrush said...

Well, goodness, what else could the father do to discipline such an ungenerous daughter?