Monday, September 17, 2007


Just noticed that the glass I'm drinking from has a crack in it.

How appropriate!

Too sick to even describe over the weekend. Result: Tom and Noel went to the Washburn football game without me. Froze their butts off! Not only did they not take a blanket, Tom wore shorts! Noel said she almost froze to death looking at him. This is why wives and mothers can rarely take to sick bed. Everything goes to hell.

Got some nice notes, however:

Hi Deb,

Sorry to read you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better!


Mike Harris

DG-It's nice to know people are thinking of you. Click on the link at the right to check out Mike's excellent ezine, Old West, New West. There is a great story about the Civil War fight over America's southwest.


First, I am sad to hear about your family's loss. I am sorry to hear he went in such a bad way. When one of our family candles goes out, it is a little darker in the room. As I told Jay Jackson, when both his sons were overseas and fighting for their country, don't watch, follow or find every news story on the war. Let it come to you through the family. It is a lot easier that way and it will not make you one of the crazy southern relatives that we love but have to hid upstairs in her room. God bless him.

Yesterday I just picked up the F-Troop series at Wally World. It was just like being a kid again. I laughed over and over. Wrangler Jane was hotter than a cat on a tin roof! She stirred up some old feeling that I was just curious about at 11 years of age. If Levi jeans had her today as a model, they would not have gone out of business in the states!

Your article "Smells of Autumn" did make me homesick. This year's ice storm not only kept us out of power for 12 1/2 days but it killed all our apple, peach, and pear tree blossoms. Oh, sure we can buy them in the store for "Yankee prices" but it ain't the same as the ones outside the door. We only got blackberries and persimmons this year. Teresa fought off the chiggers and our freezer has enough berries for cobblers during most of the winter. Her persimmon bread is the best thing since "sliced bread with churned butter." I'll bring some to you my next ride up north or when I ride with a torch to Lawrence.

My grandfather was a smoker and he did not die until his was 93 years of age. He told me that the only reason to die was because all his friends had passed on. He never thought he was sick because of smoking but he also never went to the doctor until he was dying. That is the way mountain folk from Canton, NC, were. I also loved the smell of golden leaf. Smoked or dry- hanged--it was the smell of fall. Teresa raised the leaf and hated the work inside the barn. Hanging the leafs up high was always her job because she was lighter than most and could run the rafters like a baby opossum. She will tell you that the smell would overcome you to the point you had to come out. I guess the people who worked the leaf have a different perspective than most. When I was stationed at FT Campbell, KY, I remember going out to the smoking barns in the fall and just standing by one and taking in the smells. The only reason I never became a full time smoker or chewer was my grandfather give me slice off some burley twist when I was young pup. I chewed it up and spit on the trees in the yard like the old men. (I still remember Clint Eastwood spitting on that dog's head in the movie.) As you guess, I was sicker that three-legged dog who had just eaten shell fish! I told Mom it was the flu, I don't think she bit on that one. Like the time I went down the well on the rope and told her I dropped a dollar bill in the hole!

Love your blog. You and Tom keep up the flag.

Dave Chuber

DG--What a sweet, sweet letter! Thank you. I'm so glad you got out of that well okay! I was never a smoker because I was not coordinated enough to inhale. My grandparents all dipped snuff with a blackgum "toothbrush" so I dipped sugar. Dave Chuber is not really my brother, but we're so much alike, people just assume we're related! One of these days we'll find the horse thief in the family tree that we're both descended from!
Got Art?

The artwork illustrating the blog today was done by our friend, Sharon Reeber. Her dye-on-silk pieces are stunning. You just have to see them to believe them. Sharon has a show through October 30 at The Central Exchange in Kansas City. She also has classes in her Weston, Missouri, studio. No, we can't expect to produce the same quality work as Sharon but she assures me that even I can create something beautiful with her guidance. Her next workshop is October 13. Visit her website for more information on purchasing her incredible work, attending a show, or taking a class:

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