Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cats and Cows

Curled up on Mona's sofa with a couple of cats. They're purring underneath the cover, just like me.

Spent the day at the Command and General Staff College and now I'm enjoying Mark and Mona's hospitality here in Leavenworth. Almost hit a cow in the road this morning on Highway 92 and 106th Street. It was still dark, and as I topped the knoll a black was strolling in the middle of my lane. (Deer leap; possums scoot; cows stroll.) Thankfully, there was no other traffic and I swerved into the other lane. I pulled over and surveyed the situation. The gate was open but it was real close to a home. I watched the cow walk through, back into the pasture, and then I turned around and headed on to my destination. I thought about stopping but thought it unsafe and went on. A short woman knocking on a strange door just past dawn--well, who knows what to expect? My cell phone had no signal, so I couldn't call the sheriff. I hope the cows stayed put until the farmer closed the gap.

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