Friday, January 18, 2008

Hibernating in Topeka

Have been laid low by the flu. Except for one productive day at Fort Leavenworth, this week has been a total wipe out. I'm just like a hibernating bear--every time I wake up,I look outside at the snow-packed roads and decide to go back to sleep. The cold weather doesn't help. Our low tonight is supposed to be 1, maybe 4. It's ridiculous.

Tomorrow morning, our bud Ed Kennedy is speaking here in Topeka. Tomorrow evening, Cheryl and I head to Wamego for the screening of Bloody Dawn at the historic Columbian Theater. We're packing blankets and firewood, and perhaps some spirits should we be stranded on the roadside.

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Leslie Shelor said...

It was four degrees this morning here in Meadows of Dan, and tonight is supposed to be cold for a change, according to the forecast. Sorry you've been sick!