Thursday, January 3, 2008

Virginia Tech vs. KU

The Orange Bowl has not yet begun as I pen these lines. My friend Carol Ann called on her way to the stadium and yelled, "Root for KU!"

Well, I have some mixed feelings.

My daughter is a Jayhawk and here I am, smack dab in the middle of Jayhawk Country, but I grew up in Hokie Country and still have many friends from and at VPI. (My friend Carol's own son-in-law went to Virginia Tech!) Then there's Frank Beamer. . . .

Frank is a Fancy Gap, Virgnia, boy and I used to be the tourism person in Fancy Gap. I told the tourists where to go. I love Fancy Gap where U. S. 52 hits the top of the mountain, Interstate 77 starts to slide down the mountain, and the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses them both. Frank is also the great-grandson of Jack Allen, of Virginia's Allen Clan. If the Jayhawks knew how the Allens shot up the Carroll County Courthouse in 1912, they wouldn't dare go up against Frank Beamer!

I am forced to admit my first loyalties are with Virginia. . . so. . . Go Hokies! Just don't go too hard. . . .

(Above: Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer and University of Kansas Coach Mark Mangino. I just watched an interview with Mangino and I swear the first words out of his mouth. . . "You've got to look at the big picture!" Well, you do if Mangino's in it!)

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