Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rathbone and Campbell

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about Basil Rathbone, most famous, of course, for portraying Sherlock Holmes. Rather than discussing his movie roles, I discussed his service in WWI. Well, a few other folks were interested in his military service as well and my blog came up in a search from a forum in Great Britain. Referencing my blog, there was some discussion as whether or not the photo was actually Basil or his brother. I contacted them and asked them to please let me know so I could correct it if necessary. I received a warm welcome to the blog and this considered response:
Hello Deb,
Welcome to the forum. In my opinion the photo is of Basil Rathbone in the uniform of of the Liverpool Scottish (1/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King's (Liverpool Regiment) of the Territorial Force. We have no evidence of a brother being a member of the battalion. Rathbone won the MC with the battalion and was the scouting officer. If memory serves me correctly, he served first with the 2/10th KLR (that is the 2nd Battalion of the Liverpool Scottish) in the Erquinghem and Bois Grenier area prior to the amalgamation of the two battalions in April 1918 but will verify that tomorrow. My credentials at
PS Nice blog.

I was so happy to make Ian's acquaintance. The Great War Forum is interesting and these guys really know what they're talking about. I encourage all you interested parties to check it out.
And in the meantime, check out the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. It is an unforgettable experience.
I'm thrilled to be conversing with the Brits and hope to learn more.

Happy Birthday Glen Campbell

The troubadour was born on this day in Delight, Arkansas, in 1936.

When I was a kid, I had pink 45 rpm record player where the records slid in and out like a CD player. I bought a copy of Galveston and played it until it warped in the sun one day. Fortunately, this record player was made in such a way that the record played anyway. I loved that song.
(Photo from the movie True Grit)


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Deb Goodrich said...

You're so kind. I appreciate your letting me know you enjoy it.